Hi!  My name is Tina Saib and welcome to Hummus Mama, my lifestyle blog. I am a Raleigh-based lifestyle blogger and social media consultant musing about my life in Raleigh, food, and travel.

Why am I Hummus Mama? Growing up, hummus (here is an easy hummus recipe) was a staple in my home because of my Palestinian upbringing. Today, hummus has emerged as an everyday food in American homes. I feel this describes who I am. My Middle Eastern culture mixed in with my everyday American life.

About the Blog

My lifestyle blog dips into my everyday life in Raleigh, featuring restaurants, events, and raising my children. But I also travel quite a bit, and share my adventures on my blog. My friends depend on me to let them know what is the latest and greatest going on, and if you are reading my blog, I consider you a friend! So you can believe that I give honest opinions, and will only share products that I would use or experiences that I actually would do.


About Tina

Some things about me:

  • I can not live without coffee.  Filtered coffee in the morning, mid-day coffee at a local cafe or at home using my Nespresso to feed my caffeine fix.  After dinner I relax with mint tea.
  • I love to accessorize.  Jewelry.  Sunglasses.  Scarves.
  • I am a social media addict.  At the moment I really love Instagram.
  • I play tennis…a lot.  I enjoy a good walk with friends. I am getting back into my yoga groove.
  • I love cooking, but I do not like baking (but I am trying).  If I am having a dinner party, I almost always try a new recipe.  It is always a success!
  • I love traveling, and have visited over 25 countries. I am American-Palestinian by and proud of my culture.
  •  I believe in living in the moment..in the present…NOW. You can find my moments on Instagram and use this hashtag to document your own #LiveLoveMoment for our tribe to see.

I currently live in Raleigh with my understanding husband, two amazing children and my shih tzu, Lola.

Hummus one day, PB & J the next…you never know what I will be dipping into.

Love + Peace,


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  1. Hi Tina,

    I’m a Palestinian too and very proud and I reside in Jacksonville, FL. I just discovered your page and I enjoy it. I think my mother made the best hummus, but I don’t doubt for a second that yours is good, too. Your family is beautiful. I signed up with my email address for updates so I’m looking forward.

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