Eid is tomorrow, and my kids are excited. They get to miss school, spend all day with family, gets gifts and money from family, lots of good food and desserts, get dressed up in new clothes, and I am sure I am miss something else.  Who am I kidding.  I am just as excited!

Homemade ma’amoul

My mom came over and we made ma’amoul, which is basically semolina cookies that can be stuffed with either dates or walnuts.  The kids love this tradition of making ma’amoul with my mom.  The cookies are made by putting them into a wooden mold and then they are popped out by hitting it on the table.  The molds have different patterns to differentiate what is inside each cookie.

Wooden molds used for making ma’amoul

I also spent today shopping for gifts. Similar to last minute Christmas shopping, but without the traffic.  It would be nice to have themed wrapping paper and gift tags to pick up at Target, and cute tees that say Happy Eid from Old Navy.  But local retailers are not seeing yet that they are missing out on an important holiday for so many people.  I can’t tell you how many people I bumped into today shopping.  Shopping for Eid.  Whether it was a new outfit for the kids or a new outfit for me, I was seriously in shopping mode.

The kids are in bed.  The gifts are all wrapped.  The ma’amoul is all made.  My baked french toast for the brunch tomorrow is being soaked.  We are making our own family traditions for our kids treasure!

Gifts are all wrapped and ready for the kids

What do you do to get ready for Eid or your holiday?