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Take Your Teen to Flywheel Raleigh

Summer is here and my goal is to keep the family active. I was contacted by FlyWheel Sports in Raleigh recently to go for a spin, and I could bring my 13 year old daughter, Maya, with me. It is so important to me to blog about my real life and things that truly fit into my lifestyle and point of view. That is how I keep things authentic over here.

When I told my daughter we were going to FlyWheel Sports she was not very enthusiastic. Mainly because she was not sure what to expect. But I reassured her she would be fine, and that she could go at her own pace. No pressure.


When I got to the studio I signed a waiver for my Maya, we grabbed our shoes, and got ready for a ride. We had a guest instructor from Charlotte, Sarah Stankavage Pitts, and I have to say she was good! She kept the energy up the entire time and was extremely motivating.

During the ride, I would glance at my daughter next to me. Maya was trying, really trying. But I know it was hard for her to keep up. It is supposed to be hard. Her foot came out of her shoe once, most likely she did not tighten enough. And halfway through she said that she felt her bike was to high for her, but she declined me wanting to adjust it for her. At the end, she completed her ride. I was so proud of her.

Here are some of Maya’s comments:

That was hard.

My butt hurts.

I am already sore.

That music is awesome. I wonder if they instructors make their own playlist.

I would do that again.


I was so happy to hear that she would do that again. Getting our kids to continue being active as they get older is always hard. But finding things that can be fun and social is why this scored points with my daughter.

Thank you Flywheel Sports for making exercise fun!

My daughter and I received a FlyWheel session at no cost for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Live + Love Moment: Find the Moment

live the

The every day. We all have that routine that we do. Every. Single. Day. Find the moment? How? Love the moment? When? Routine might break a bit because school is out, but still I find the majority of the routine is still there. Get up. Drink coffee. Make the bed. Play tennis. Go to work. Think about dinner. Repeat.

The big problem with routine is that it does not allow for you to be creative. There is so much noise around you. To be able to create you need solitude. When it is quiet, your mind is quiet. You can hear your thoughts. You can focus. This is why it is so important to find your moment each day. It can be with mediation. It can be on a run or a hike. It can be staring at the ceiling.

Your mind needs to be able to day dream. To think of the moment happening now. But it is not about just living the moment. The real secret is also seeing the beauty in front of you. Flowers. Life’s little creatures. Beautiful sunlight. Laughter. Stars twinkling. You see what I mean?

This week I am at the beautiful North Carolina beaches, at Oak Island. I can tell you now that it is really easy to understand the allure of being at the beach all summer. So easy here to find the moment. It feels like there is nothing to do but have sand in between in your toes, watch the sunset, and eat seafood for dinner every day. But my mind is wandering. I am creating. I am thinking. I am dreaming. I do not want it to stop. This also happens when I travel to a new city and I see everything bright eyed and almost with naivety.


One day as we sat doing absolutely nothing, my daughter and I came up with a sitcom idea and started plotting out the pilot. The age of the characters, their professions, funny stories to write in to the first episode. Wait! Yes, my 13 year old and I were talking creatively and collaborating. And, this all happened because for an hour my daughter just sat there staring at the ocean. Maybe her eyes were closed at times. Maybe she was listening to music. But her mind was quiet from the everyday routine.

Other times as I sat looking for sharks in the distance, my kids were sitting on their own talking in the sand. For hours it seems they were connecting. They would talk for a bit. Get in the water. Look for crabs. Talk some more. They even went on a walk together. I found out later they were guessing each others best friends, favorite foods, and what their passions are in life. A 9 year old and 13 year old talking about life. Engaging in real conversation. As a parent, my heart is melting. I was living in the moment, just by watching my children interact with one another. This was beautiful.

I believe you have to be in the present. Live the moment. Love the moment. And, you can find me on my Instagram using the hashtag #LiveLoveMoment where I hope to find truth and beauty each day.

Live + Love Moment


Live + Love moments are easy when spring is in the air! Happy first day of spring! Take a moment to smell the roses my friends. Enjoying the simple things in life will make you so happy if you just take a moment to live + love. Here are my moments from this week.

Pretty blooms are taking shape on my magnolia tree. I planted this tree when we first moved into our house years ago. Mind you, I am not a gardner. And every year when I see my magnolia blooming it reminds me that spring is around the corner.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a big fan of rain. But seriously, I just spent 40 minutes blow drying my hair. I took a moment to try out food from a food truck. Yes, in the rain and waiting for food from Pie Pushers and Bam Pow Chow! This was a moment for me. But truly what brought us out was my son’s school Exploris in downtown Raleigh was hosting a STEM night. We also got to see the Beta Box that was at the school for the week. My son was so excited to tell me all that he learned about the most current 3D technology!

Lucette Grace. Such a pretty name. Such PRETTY desserts. This contemporary patisserie says that it “is a starting point for your day, an escape in the middle, and a reward at the end.” If that does not sound like a live + love moment to enjoy. My daughter and I got to enjoy a moment at this downtown shop, but brought home some treats for the boys. This salted caramel brownie was so yum!

The month of March is full of birthdays. Including mine, which I love to celebrate. What better way to live + love than to be with good friends. ALWAYS, taking time to spend it with good friends makes me happy. We spent it at Second Empire’s tavern. Thankfully we were in a private room, because our group of twelve can be loud! I love how the restaurant prints out the menu’s with a special birthday message and a signature from the chef. We also took a tour of the kitchen and met the chef personally which was a nice touch.

Do you take a moment each day to bring joy to your life? Need a reminder? Follow me on Instagram, where I will bring you daily reminders to have your own live + love moment.