My happy kids, Maya and Adam

On this morning of Eid, my kids woke up today excited to open up their gifts.  Part of our tradition is to wear new clothes. Some family members will go to Eid prayers, and then we all will meet up at my parents house.   My parents hosted a brunch, and so we went to celebrate with my extended family.  The kids exchanged gifts.  In our family, the uncles gift the ladies and kids with money.  My father and the men are all quite generous.

My parents and the kids

Visiting family and friends will continue all day.  Respect to the ones that have passed away.  Overseas phone calls and throughout the country everyone wishing each other another year of good health.

This year was extra special.  I have a new niece celebrating Eid for the first time.

My niece, Maryam celebrating her first eid

Later my parents and siblings will go out for dinner.  Tonight it will be a sushi night!

My sisters in law, Nadia (on the left) and Sariyah (on the right) with my father

I hope that everyone finds happiness and peace in their hearts, and try to make our world a better place for all.

Kul sana wa intu salmeen!

What do you do on Eid?



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