Earth Fare Review and Giveaway

I know most of us get so excited to know about new grocery stores that are opening up in our area. Well, get excited for the new Earth Fare that is opening on March 25th in Morrisville, North Carolina. And there is a giveaway to one of my lucky readers.

As part of the celebration for the grand opening, I was given an opportunity to tour the new Earth Fare before opening day. I was excited about this opportunity, because I had been in an Earth Fare before and had no idea where to start. This tour was going to give me the confidence to be able to shop in there again. Ready to learn?

One thing you don’t have to worry about is whether Earth Fare’s products have any of the dirty ingredients that is not good for you. Which means when you shop their aisles you can do so with confidence. They read the food labels for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Their food philosophy is pretty simple.


The labels in the store say it all. If it is a square label, it is conventionally grown item. If it is a circle label, than it is organically grown. Earth Fare is a big supporter of local and family farms, and offer the 100 Mile Committment. Local can mean anywhere in a 100 mile radius from that store, and you will see an additional label with a red sign. There are also products that are local to a particular Earth Fare store, and these are known as their family products.


Of course, shopping at Earth Fare there are going to be products that you might not recognize compared to a conventional grocery store. That is why Earth Fare has a policy that I love which is Try Before you Buy.  So next time you are in the store, go ahead and try something you are not sure about. If you see something in an aisle you want to try, find an employee to help you open it up to sample. Or if you are in the loose bulk food section, and you want to try these look alike M&M’s, known as chocolate rainbow drops…well go ahead.


These are Earth Fare’s version of M&M’s. Because of course, having real M&M’s would not fit in Earth Fare’s food philosophy. These yummy chocolate covered candies are made made with vegetable and fruit juice to give it some color.

In the store you will also find fresh peanut butter grinder, fresh honey or agave, health and wellness section, a prepared food section, hand rolled daily sushi, pizza, fresh smoothies and shakes, bakery, seafood and meat department, and I can keep going on. A lot to see. A lot to try.

Have I convinced you try it out yet? Earth Fare is giving a $50 gift card to one lucky winner.
There are two ways to enter, both done through Rafflecopter:
1) Mandatory entry: Leave a comment telling me why you want to win
2) Optional entry: Like my Facebook page

Contest ends Saturday night at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck and happy entering!

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Fine Print: Open to US Residents. Please check the list of Earth Fare locations to make sure one is available near you before entering. Giveaway ends Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. Earth Fare is providing one Hummus Mama reader a $50 gift card. In exchange for my review I was also given a $50 gift card. All opinions expressed in the above post are 100% my own.

Live + Love Moment


Live + Love moments are easy when spring is in the air! Happy first day of spring! Take a moment to smell the roses my friends. Enjoying the simple things in life will make you so happy if you just take a moment to live + love. Here are my moments from this week.

Pretty blooms are taking shape on my magnolia tree. I planted this tree when we first moved into our house years ago. Mind you, I am not a gardner. And every year when I see my magnolia blooming it reminds me that spring is around the corner.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a big fan of rain. But seriously, I just spent 40 minutes blow drying my hair. I took a moment to try out food from a food truck. Yes, in the rain and waiting for food from Pie Pushers and Bam Pow Chow! This was a moment for me. But truly what brought us out was my son’s school Exploris in downtown Raleigh was hosting a STEM night. We also got to see the Beta Box that was at the school for the week. My son was so excited to tell me all that he learned about the most current 3D technology!

Lucette Grace. Such a pretty name. Such PRETTY desserts. This contemporary patisserie says that it “is a starting point for your day, an escape in the middle, and a reward at the end.” If that does not sound like a live + love moment to enjoy. My daughter and I got to enjoy a moment at this downtown shop, but brought home some treats for the boys. This salted caramel brownie was so yum!

The month of March is full of birthdays. Including mine, which I love to celebrate. What better way to live + love than to be with good friends. ALWAYS, taking time to spend it with good friends makes me happy. We spent it at Second Empire’s tavern. Thankfully we were in a private room, because our group of twelve can be loud! I love how the restaurant prints out the menu’s with a special birthday message and a signature from the chef. We also took a tour of the kitchen and met the chef personally which was a nice touch.

Do you take a moment each day to bring joy to your life? Need a reminder? Follow me on Instagram, where I will bring you daily reminders to have your own live + love moment.

Live + Love Moment

livelovemomentHappy Friday! Live + love moment. I use this for my title all the time. But what does it mean? I believe if you take a moment each day to do something you love, well that to me is to live a life that is with intention. Do you know what your ideal day or week would look like if you could design it yourself? Where would you go? Who would you spend it with?

What makes my simple life so fulfilling everyday is the small things that I do to make me happy. Here is my live + love moment for the week.

Turning 40 is exciting. Most people I know actually dread it. It really is a number. But 40 brings on more confidence, self assurance, and no time for bullshit from anyone. I was so lucky to spend my birthday month with friends and family who made me feel like a queen. I realized that I do not have time to bother with people who are not pleasant to be around.

I love shopping and discovering new places to go. The new Moon and Lola boutique in Raleigh’s Cameron Village is gorgeous! And I had to walk out with pretty earrings.

I do not have a major sweet tooth. And I am the last one to want dessert. But it was my birthday after all. After having an awesome brunch with friends at Irregardless Cafe, I was the one who had to choose dessert for the six of us to share. This coconut cake was delish!

I love flowers. I was a lucky girl this week. I got so many bouquets of flowers that just brightened my mood (and my house). But this particular flower bouquet was sent virtually to me by a good friend to use as my screensaver on my phone. This picture is gorgeous. And I have to say every time I look at my phone I feel joy.

Can you imagine if all of us sent something virtually to someone once a week just to make someone happy? All of us want someone to think about us for a moment. To send us something intentional, just because. This is something I am going to start doing more. I know how it makes me feel. I want to bring joy to my friends even when I do not get to see them everyday.

Did you have a live + love moment this week? Share with us those moments on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #livelovemoment. This will help us start this movement of intention. To create that live + love moment every day.

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