Cupcakes For Fun

These cupcakes look fun, right?

Cupcakes for fun. And easy enough for a tween to make on her own. At our house, my 12 year old tween likes to bake for fun. And I do not mean from a box. She likes to bake from scratch. And I love that about her. Especially since I do not bake. Maybe that is why she keeps taking the baking into her own hands.

Last week we were snowed in, and she wanted to make cupcakes. Of course, I said knock yourself out. She took out her iPad and looked for an easy vanilla cupcake recipe. I am not going to list out the recipe, because you can just download it here.

She measured out all her wet and dry ingredients.

(Side note: Totally off the subject, but she has been wearing this sweatshirt for three days in a row. Special online order. It is almost all of Harry Styles tattoos. Just in case you do not know who that is, the lead singer of One Direction.)

IMG_8956She is so meticulous about having a plan before any project. 

IMG_8960She is also an expert egg cracker!

Of course, the best part of making cupcakes is getting to lick the batter. Which her younger brother was ready for that task.

IMG_8968Little brother loves it when his sis makes cupcakes

Of course, the reason why these cupcakes were being mades was for the frosting. Though this time instead of making her own frosting (which she usually does), she wanted to use this blue vanilla funfetti frosting. Not a big fan, but got to let some of the rules go every once in a while. I know it is bad for you. IMG_8972Of course, the cupcakes turned out amazing. Do you bake for fun? If you have a tween, do he or she know their way around the kitchen?

Live + Love Moment

Happy Friday friends! Here are my live + love moments from the past few weeks. It has been awhile since I have done this series, but here it is once again. It really is the small things that makes us remember why we are here. Enjoy the moment.

livelovemomentI heard this quote recently, and it really got me thinking. Next month I will be turning 40 years old, and I began to wonder how much in my life do I control, and how much do I leave to fate. And most of us agree that when something bad happens, that it must have been fate. Or when we meet the love our lives, it must have been fate. But truly it is our choices that we make leading up to these events that change the course of what is our fate and what is in our control. “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” It is a short poem, called Invictus written by William Ernest Henley. You can read the rest of the poem here.

What we could not control this week was mother nature and the unexpected snow days it brought to my kids. We definitely made the most of this time where we could slow down our lives and enjoy the simple things in life, especially with it being so cold outside. And for me it was as simple as appreciating a roof over my head and heat to keep my family warm. Cooking, baking, and playing kept my family happy. Slowing down without having to be out of the house got me focused on my blog. And just being thankful that we were all safe and sound and together.

These tulips made me happy. It was a “just because” gift from my husband. Those are my favorite gifts. It was not tied to a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day. It was as simple as I was thinking of you and wanted to bring you joy (because flowers do bring me joy).

And though this waffle and french press coffee was a nice treat at Benelux Coffee in Raleigh’s Cameron Village. What I truly enjoyed was the company of meeting with a friend to chat. I am so glad we met and talked. This was also before I got snowed in, and so just having that time to connect with a friend probably kept my sanity for the next few days.

I hope you all have a happy weekend.

love + peace,


6 Ways to Spend Your Snow Days

Snow (Ice) Day in RaleighSnow Day in Raleigh, North Carolina 2015

Snow days in Raleigh, it is not the same as the snow days you get in Chicago, Boston, and New York. But nevertheless, we are on day number 3 of the kids being out of school because it is a snow (ice) day. And truthfully, it should be called ice day because that is the real reason why the kiddos do not have school here in Raleigh. The roads are just too dangerous.

Here are 6 things you can do during your snow days indoors:

1. Wear the comfiest, coziest pajamas all day long. Or if you have to walk your dog every couple of hours like I have to do, wear loungewear that is just as comfortable. And do not forget those fuzzy socks or fur-lined slippers to keep the footsies warm.

2. Sipping something to warm the soul. Hot chocolate for the kids and a nice herbal tea for the adults.

3. Playing a game. Lego building. Movie watching. Making a fort. These are all things we have been doing to keep busy.

The boys are building a TECHNIC formula off-roader by LEGO

4. Time to read a book. Actually in my case I have been listening to the audio version, and it keeps making me fall asleep. I am listening to ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, by Anthony Doerr and I am still waiting for it to get good. Does it get good? It has to, right? It is on The New York Times best sellers list. But I feel that I need to go ahead and apologize to my book club members, because I chose this month’s book. But I read the reviews, phenomenal reviews and realize it might just be me.

Maya has been busy reading the past few days. She is reading the saga HUSH HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick. She finished book #2 CRESCENDO, and book #3 SILENCE. And she just told me that she is on book #4 FINALE.  She also recommends for me to read these books. Which I might just do that!

Lola likes to read boLola likes to read books, too

5. Baking seems to be a good idea when you are stuck at home. Maya was in the mood for vanilla cupcakes. She started baking, and made some delicious cupcakes from scratch. The Happy Birthday Funfetti aqua blue vanilla frosting was far from homemade. But she still did a good job AND cleaned her mess in the kitchen.

IMG_8956Maya making homemade vanilla cupcakes

6. Organizing the house is what I like to do. I feel it is uninterrupted work that can get done without having to deal with the everyday errands and distractions that never lets me finish a job. I organized the craft area in our house that the kids no longer use. But if I had another snow day, I would organize the pantry. Or perhaps all my photos saved on the computer. Or a closet. You get the point.

What do you do when you have a snow day? Leave a comment below.

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