Raleigh: Spinning with Flywheel Sports


Let me first start off by saying that spinning is very new to me. I have only gone a handful of times, and I usually go with a neighbor who suggests it on a Saturday morning. I know that my attending a spin class will be rewarding, but I also know it will be social event with a trip to our local coffee shop after. Truthfully, my workouts are partially to be healthy and partially social.

I was invited to try out the newest indoor cycling place in Raleigh, Flywheel Sports. So you have a choice, you can either take a Flywheel cycling class or a Flybarre core body workout class. First you set up an account online, purchase credits, then you can reserve a time and even the cycle that you want. I checked out the instructors, and when I saw that the co-founder of Flywheel Sports, Ruth Zukerman, was going to be teaching a class in Raleigh, well, I thought what better way to experience Flywheel than with someone who is known as a legend in the indoor cycling world.

So I am a bit nervous, which I think many of us experience this feeling when we go somewhere for the first time. The day before my scheduled class someone called me from Flywheel. I was impressed. This is the customer service that I feel that many workout places lack. The personal touch. She called to welcome me to Flywheel, she told me to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that I can get fitted for my shoes (they give you bike shoes to use), the bike, and get comfortable. She also reminded me to bring a water bottle.

I arrive. Everyone is friendly. The vibe is very New York in my opinion. Small space, but everything in the studio seems to have a purpose. Someone gives me a tour of the place, pointing out restrooms, lockers, and the spinning room with the map of all the bikes. Also, when you check in you can go up to an iPad and check yourself in, if you really don’t want that human interaction. Shoes are waiting for you in the cubbies. Quick and easy to get in.  I put my shoes on, check my personal items into a locker, grab a towel and I am ready to sweat.


I walk into the stadium and you have greeters who are ready to help. Yes, please, I need HELP. I get assistance with setting up my bike seat and handlebars, explanation of the weights, he got me a seat cushion, and showed me how to clip in and out of the bike.

What I really loved is that the bike measures your torque and RPM during class. And if you are competitive you can track yourself on the leader board to see how you rank with the other cyclists in the class. The class is loud with the music pumping. That’s why they have earplugs on hand if you need it. And the room is dark, which I liked. And I love the fact that Ruth kept reminding us that it is only 8 seconds of your time today to push yourself to the limit, burn that fat, and then you can go on with your day. Of course, it was multiple sets of 8 seconds, but it really makes you want to workout hard. Really, it 45 minutes of your day. And honestly, I was sweating just from the warm-up.

IMG_8832After class, I did ask Ruth if it was better for me to keep up with the class through my torque or my RPM. She said torque and your RPM will increase as you do the class more. Good to know! Wish I had known that before I started because I tried to keep up with everyone with my speed. After class you go online and see your performance. It tracks all your classes so it can see your improvement. I emailed it to my husband, and my Ironman was impressed with my performance. I rode over 17 miles. It also tracks your average and max RPM,  torque, power, distance and estimated calories. It is really smart technology (and business) to show us how well we are doing it. Makes you want to do better.

I think next time I go to Flywheel, I will try out FlyBarre. Sounds like fun.

I received a Flywheel package at no cost to me for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Live + Love Moment: Raleigh Edition

fourfavesHappy Wednesday! Looks like in Raleigh we are finally transitioning into fall. It is about time. I love this time of year, and that Halloween is around the corner. These images really represent my live + love moments of the week. Enjoy!

This pumpkin will be getting a facelift soon, but for now I will enjoy it sitting on my front porch in its original form.

My son plays soccer for the Capital Area Soccer League (aka CASL) and is part of the CAYA program.  The CAYA program is amazing. CAYA launched in 2013 with the partnership with CASL, FC Cary, and Next Level Academy. So rain or shine we are out on these fields throughout the week. Well, he is on the fields, and I am on the bleachers. I love watching him do his drills and get to play soccer. He loves it! And does not complain. Future soccer player in the making.

My favorite coffee shop, Sola Coffee, has some new offerings on its menu. TOAST! Lots of different combinations. You will not be disappointed. This one is my favorite so far. Big Spoon Roasters almond butter, granola made by Sola Coffee, cinnamon honey on 9 grain toast. Sounds like the perfect snack or after workout meal. You can check out my instagram feed for more toast images. I attended a blogger event in which I got to have a sample of all the options.

Every Wednesday I look forward to this delivery by The Produce Box. I get to enjoy North Carolina fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to my door. Every week I feel like I am on an episode of Chopped, but minus the really, strange ingredients.

Favorite Four: Autumn’s Arrival


FINALLY! It feels like an autumn day. Yesterday it was 85 degrees in October!  Today it is 61 degrees. Time to pull out the scarves, boots and sweaters. Fall is my favorite season after all. The leaves changing colors. The smell of pumpkins. Wearing fall colors in my clothes and nail polish. Time to costume hunt, make soups to warm the soul, and breathe in the fresh, crisp air.

Here are four favorites that have me excited about autumn’s arrival:

  1. Penfield overbrook plaid shirt
  2. Sochi earrings “leaf” me wanting more jewelry
  3. Pumpkin Chai Latte candle
  4. Cor Blimey by Butter London has me ready for some shimmer

What are your favorite things for fall?

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