I Read My Daughter’s Social Media Feeds (and so should you)

tinaI admit. I go through my daughter’s social media feeds, and support Kelly Ripa doing the same. The sooner your kids know that social media is not private, the sooner they will learn to be more selective what they share with their “friends”. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING they put out on their social media is public for anyone to see.  To our children, the real world and the virtual world are one of the same.

Kids do not really understand what is meant by a digital footprint, and it is up to their parents to explain it. Which means, it is perfectly acceptable for you to snoop…I mean look around.

And you should look around! If you are not, than you are missing out on life lessons that you could be teaching your teens. Your kids do not think before they post. They need to learn that everything they post is searchable. Want to go to college? Admissions is now scanning social media feeds of applicants? Applying for a job? Yes, we have looked at applicants Facebook page and made decisions to hire (or not hire) someone based on what we see on Facebook.

Going thorough your kids social media feeds, and most likely it is Instagram, you can learn so much about your kids friends and their interests. This is the age, 12-15 years old, where your kids just do not talk to you as much. If your kids are feeling sad, which many go through sadness and/or depression you will be able to see signs thorough their feeds. And be able to address what they are feeling and seek help if necessary.

I go through my daughter’s feed. I block people who I find inappropriate. I see which of her friends act in a way that I do not want my daughter to be around. And then I have a talk with her.

As for reading their journals, I do believe it is private as Kelly Ripa says she does not read her daughter’s diary. BUT, and I say this if your child gives you a reason that their life is in danger, read that diary. It will give you more information that you might need to understand your child and get help.

Do you agree with me? Would you read your child’s diary? Social feeds?

As a parent, do you understand social media? Do you want a workshop tailored to you and your friends? Contact me for more information.

Review + Giveaway: Upscale Bowling from Kings North Hills in Raleigh

Who wants to be king for the day? I can tell you that you will be treated like one when you go to Kings North Hills, a classy bowling joint that just opened in Raleigh. Kings is a place where you go to eat, and you stay to play! This is the first Kings to open in North Carolina, and you will not be disappointed.


Raleigh has needed a bowling place like this for a really, really long time. Kings North Hills is in the former Sparian’s Bowling spot. But I can tell you right now, you won’t even recognize it. Kings North Hills did a total makeover, keeping in line with its retro modern look and open concept feel. The 30,000 square foot facility is a mecca for anyone looking for a good time, whether it is to be entertained, drink or to eat. (Be sure to check for times, because it is for 21+ after 7PM during the week, and 6PM on Saturday’s).


Let’s start with their award-winning menu. Kings has been awarded “Boston’s Best” 10 years in a row. They pride themselves by making most of their food items from scratch from the finest ingredients by their executive chef.

This is probably one of the best sampler plates I have seen in Raleigh. And both my 12 year old and 9 year old really enjoyed it as well. The sampler platter is a signature dish that featured mac & cheese bites, sesame ginger “lollipop” chicken wings, buffalo wontons, and southwestern spring rolls and is perfect for sharing.


Also, on the menu, besides appetizers, you can find burgers (try the Angry Burger), entrees such as baby back ribs, scallops and “Kings” Famous Steak Tips, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. There is also a kids menu.

And as my kids put it, keep a little dessert pocket ready. Milkshakes, sundaes, cakes and more. Might want to make a separate trip just for dessert here.


To go with all that amazing food, you can find a variety of local (Lonerider and Big Boss) and national beers.

Kings also offers an innovative twist to nostalgic classics when it comes to their cocktails. I tried the Strawberry Pop Rocktini, and I have to say I have never had a drink like this in Raleigh. Citrus Vodka, St. Germain, Strawberry Puree, Fresh Lemon Juice, topped with sprite and rimmed with pop rocks. A little surprise with every sip. My friend had the Pink Pin which was mango, vanilla and coconut rums, pineapple juice, grenadine and topped with champagne.

IMG_8882Of course, if you are in a sharing mood you could order one of the “Big Balls”, made for two or more (but can be made for one if you desire). You can choose from three options served in huge glasses, but I was told the crowd favorite is the Fish Bowl, which has coconut rum, vodka, blue curaçao, blueberry energy drink, lemon juice, sour mix and Swedish fish! I chose the Raspberry Lime Rickey to taste.



What I really loved about Kings, is the idea that you can come together with family and friends for some good interactive games.

Face to face, no high tech electronics necessary. First of all, you will find 18 ten-pin bowling lanes.


But let’s say you are not in the mood to bowl. You can also find a regulation shuffleboard and bank shuffleboard table,  six pool tables, three ping pong tables, foosball tables, dart boards, 4-player and 2-player air hockey tables, and more!



I can’t think of a better way to spend time with people outside of work, than to have an company event at Kings. They have space for 2 people to 775 guests. You have three different VIP private rooms to choose from, A/V system to accommodate presentations and branding needs, and customer service to keep you relaxed and enjoying your team. It really is a place to have fun, get energized, and overall good experience.

IMG_8860You can join the “Dude” for your chance to win a FREE BOWLING PARTY for SIX PEOPLE, including pizza and soda!



The giveaway is for a free bowling party for six people (including pizza and soda) from Kings at North Hills. The giveaway will end Thursday, November 27th at 11:59pm EST and the the winner will be announced Friday, November 28th.

I received VIP treatment from Kings at North Hills at no cost to me for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Movie Review: Should I Take my Tween to See St. Vincent?

MV5BMTk5NzI5OTA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjc4NTM3MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Should I take my tween to see the movie St. Vincent? This weekend it was just the girls. Me and my 12 year old as the boys braved it by going camping. Perfect girls day to go shopping at the Streets of Southpoint Mall, dinner at Zinburger, and see a movie! Maya chose St. Vincent, I checked out the reviews and saw that it was PG-13 and said let’s go!

Official Synopsis:

Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her adopted 12-year-old son, Oliver, move next door to war veteran Vincent (Bill Murray), but when Oliver (Jaden Lieberher) gets locked out after school one day, Vincent allows him to stay at his house until his mom gets home. Because he has bills up to the ceiling and is desperate for cash, he tells Maggie he’ll babysit Oliver every day after school. Vincent, is a cynic, who introduces Oliver to his lifestyle, including gambling, drinking, and his relationship with a Russian prostitute (Naomi Watts). 

My Thoughts:

I liked the movie, and thought the theme was appropriate for discussion with my 12 year old. What I was not expecting, and wish I was prepared for was the opening scene. Daka, the Russian prostitute, on top of Vincent. Bed rocking, she is in a bra, and he has a tee on. But still, it made me second guess my decision and check to see if I misread the movie rating. Nope, still PG-13. There is also quite a bit of profanity throughout the entire movie. Honestly, if you can make it through the first scene, the rest of the movie is probably nothing new to your tween. You can see more of a parents guide here.

My daughter is mature enough to see this type of movie. And we were able to have a discussion afterwards, more than the usual do not judge a book by its cover.  I do not think I would take my son at 12 years old, because I am not sure if he would be mature enough. There are a lot of mature topics: alcoholism, sex, gambling, and profanity. It is not a heart-warming movie at all. So use caution if you decide to take your tween to see this one!

Bill Murray does an outstanding job. It is not just a comedy (you will laugh out loud at times), but it is a drama as well. And I did cry at one point in the movie, which always is an indication to me that the movie is good if it gets an emotional response out of me.

St. Vincent is rated PG-13 and is 1 hour and 42 minutes.

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